El Nino de las Pinturas- Grenada, Spain

El Niño de las Pinturas is born i Grenada, south Spain. His real name is said to be Raúl Ruiz and he lives in the heart of the city that still keep a lot of his paintings. He has painted more than 2000 murals around (map) the World and here is some of the paintings that we found when walking through the street of Grenada:

Some are found inside the shops:

In the city of Picasso

Malaga gave birth to Picasso. How is his “out of the box” art influencing the art scene of today? In a city with high level of old, beautiful facades, how much space is given to street art. A lit! Here is some of the street art in Malaga:


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Street art in Kep sur Mer, Cambodia

Im in Southern Cambodia and working in a coastal small town that once where the beauty of French Indochina. The French built up a summer vacation destination like Deauville and Trouville. In 1953 the French withdrew and into the 1970th the nightmare started for the blooming Cambodia. Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge destroyed every kind of value in their search for a communist paradis where all were suppose to be equal.

Kep sur Mer stands still as a sad monument of abandonment. But if you go hunting among the broken buildings you find street art:

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Nafir i Sandnes

Iran based Nafir has become a friend. Finally we managed to find some days together. And what a blast to have him in our house and see him work out a mega piece outside our house. The result became a 17 meters piece on the question of Hijab. For some a Freedom fight for other a cloth of honor. It depends in what direction you read:

Helge becomes 10x20m big in Stavanger

Attende, is one of the businesses of Stavanger that is good in including all kinds of people with all kinds of backrounds in the work place. One of their workers will now figure on a 10x20m wall at Kannik. According to the artist its Helge Røysland that has been the model of the painting. From 18th October he will become a motivation of many more when the artist Smug/Sam Bates is portaiting him at a 10x20m big wall. The Glasgow based artist works with Nuart in lifting awarness about an including work filosophy. «Valuable work for all», is the name of the project.

The artist is know for his realistic portraits of people, panting with free hand spray can. I visiting him sunday at work at the school of Kannik area in Stavanger. The famous weather in the city has caused some delays, but with todays sunny weather its a great chance that he finish before the opening wednesday at 12 o’clock. The mayor of Stavanger and Helge himself were at the opening and Nuart is writing on the event page that they hope to lift up the important work of business like Attende.

Here is a in the making video of todays visit:

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Lets take back our city (video)

The suburb of Oslo, called Tøyen has for many years been seen as a eastern suburd with classical problems. The negative talking often cones from the mouth of people not living there, just like this weeks scandalous photo project from far right organisation Human Right Service. They posted a photo of muslim womans at a bus stop as a prove of islam taking over Norway. I just had to go and take a look and I took this picture form the same bus stop: (more text under the photo)

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