Nafir- street art to the price of his life? 

When I talk with the iranian artist I see someone eager to build a good society. Not only in his city of Téhéran and in his beautiful Iran, but also the world. He is not afraid to critisize the western world and their responsibility in the syrian crises, and he continue to point out how his own society can developpe in a meaningful way!

Him self say that his around 500 piece of art in his capital are as soon as possible painted over or removed. With danger of his own life he continues to give the population a uncensored view on the daily life of the city.

The international press has already discovered the couragous artist.  Recently the french based Courrier International has published an interview with Nafir.

Im a fan of Nafir. Not only his courage and special enviroment touche me, but also his eagerness to point out the essentiel, to remind us about the important issues and to not let the negative influences in the world get the last word. Here you find his Facebook! So many street art artists have lost their sense of commenting the real world and have lost their radical voice to cosy teddy bear pictures. Like the rap lost some of its soul while starting to sell records, the street art also facing commercial ennemies. While street art was illigal and punished, it created a radical voice. Now that every city with respect for itself order street arts and art galleries see higher and higher prices on street art works, the soul of street art might be lost in the process. Its great that artist can earn to their living. But maybe the attention is the beginning fo the end. Thats way I love artist like Nafir. He got something on his heart and he is willing to pay a high prize for his art.

He has also been in Stavanger and still this on is found close the “ferry to Tau”:

Sadly this one is over paited, but maybe this is also Nafir:

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