No street art in Mandal?

The city that have given birth to the great artist as Gustav Vigeland, Adolph Tidemand, Emanuel Vigeland, Amaldus Nielsen og Olaf Isachsen. Newspaper Klassekampen calles the city "the tiny city with huge artist" some years ago. Younger artist is coming, such as Yvonne Hetlevik, Susanne Quist og Janne Christensen that is in charge of this summer exposition at the citys museum. But why almost no street art?

When the concert hall opened a very daring art piece, Rogna, was put at the river (story continues under the picture)
(Maria Koolen Hellmin)

Also the christmas star by Per Tomas Govertsen lighting up down town is an out of the box art piece

So why do we not find street art in a city with so much courage and history within art? Maybe a question of time?

Kunstfabrikken has some pieces of grafitti. Great signatures. Maybe the first step towards more street art? Also the logo of MandalJazz17 is streetart

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