Norwegian prime minister and Kobra paint street art in Sandefjord

Brasilian street art artist Kobra finsished this month a new mega piece in Norwegian town of Sandefjord. A friend of mine Håkon sent me theese great photos of the new art. The page give some great insights in the background of this new master piece. Kobra's first art in Skandinavia was i Boråas in Sweden where he paited Alfed Nobel. According to his facebook page he left Norway to start a new work in Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. The most famous so far is in Brazil. 15 m x 170 m big paiting called «Etnias» was made to the opening of Olympic Games in Rio.

The Sandefjord painting is a part of "Art for All" where 6 international artist together with youth from diffrents ethnique background in the city work together. The prime minister Erna Solberg opened the project by paitning the firste part of Kobra's paiting, according to NRK

Here is some of the tresor that Håkon found in Sandefjord. Starting with Kobra.

The two last picture are from Kobra own page. This last one is the norwegian prime minister. Photo from NRK:

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