Lets take back our city (video)

The suburb of Oslo, called Tøyen has for many years been seen as a eastern suburd with classical problems. The negative talking often cones from the mouth of people not living there, just like this weeks scandalous photo project from far right organisation Human Right Service. They posted a photo of muslim womans at a bus stop as a prove of islam taking over Norway. I just had to go and take a look and I took this picture form the same bus stop: (more text under the photo)

But yes its a multicultural suburb, and yes there is for shure some challenges. But what I found its cool is the reaction of the people living there. They decieded to take back their neighbourghood and today they lunched an afternoon party with food, mucic and the performance of four street art artist growing the collection of outdoor art. Tøyen has over the years become the number one street art area in Oslo. Here is a short video from todays party:

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