Helge becomes 10x20m big in Stavanger

Attende, is one of the businesses of Stavanger that is good in including all kinds of people with all kinds of backrounds in the work place. One of their workers will now figure on a 10x20m wall at Kannik. According to the artist its Helge Røysland that has been the model of the painting. From 18th October he will become a motivation of many more when the artist Smug/Sam Bates is portaiting him at a 10x20m big wall. The Glasgow based artist works with Nuart in lifting awarness about an including work filosophy. «Valuable work for all», is the name of the project.

The artist is know for his realistic portraits of people, panting with free hand spray can. I visiting him sunday at work at the school of Kannik area in Stavanger. The famous weather in the city has caused some delays, but with todays sunny weather its a great chance that he finish before the opening wednesday at 12 o’clock. The mayor of Stavanger and Helge himself were at the opening and Nuart is writing on the event page that they hope to lift up the important work of business like Attende.

Here is a in the making video of todays visit:

If in Stavanger, dont miss the grand opening wednesday 18 october at 12 More information here!

Nuart is writing about the artist: Known for his photorealistic style, Smug aka Sam Bates, is an Australian street artist of great skill. Using nothing but spray cans, he has built an international reputation for mastering the difficult task of making highly technical pieces on large-scale walls the world over.

From the facebook of Attende, this is how the artist started the whole paitning:

And this is it how it all ended:

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