Yasja goes Couragous in Kristiansand


Courageous is her identity and her main theme. She get her Norwegian breakthrough this week when her mega piece in Kristiansand is finished. Here is her stories and her projects:




Mint Gallery invited her to the south coast city in the middle of rainy March. She has been brought up on a house boat in the suburbs if Amsterdam. In the age of 13 moving to a small village in southern Holland, she faced a different world that was struggling to accept who she was. Through the years she stood up to all who challenged her identity and out of difficult years rose a courageous woman. When opportunity came to present her art in Norway, she drove 1200 km to the north alone.

We had the delight to share a meal to celebrate that her new piece  finished this Sunday of rainy and cold March. You can not avoid being affected by her energy and hunger life. When she starts to talk about her last pieces and the one coming in Arendal we realize how she speaks forth the courage in famous as unknown people. They model courage in their own way. This piece showing a child standing up for the future of the earth. Maybe as a tribute to the young generation standing up for climate change and also lifting up the problem with plastic in the worlds seas.

If you are in Kristiansand the next weeks you find her exposition at Mint gallery.

Here you find canvases of Football player Ada Hegerberg from Norway that stood up against sexism at the reward celebration when she became the first female ballon d’or winner.

Another is her own sister, MMA female artist Rose Namajunas and the free climber Alex  Honnold.  Courageous has many faces and I believe Yasja will gives us more of her hero’s in the years to come.

Coming project:

First Iceland is scheduled , then Arendal waits. And wow! the Arendal project will be another courageous hero on a mega wall of the beautiful city east of Kristiansand. Want to know? Will tell when finished!

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