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Reisen fortsetter. Litt ubeskyttet sagt så handler denne reisen om å bringe IMI Kirken ut til nasjonene og nasjonene inn i IMI Kirken. Ubeskyttet fordi det dypest sett handler om å bringe Jesus til nasjonene og å møte nasjonene slik Jesus ville ha gjort det. Upresist fordi det også handler om deg, din gruppe, din business eller din menighet som slår følge med oss ut i verden. Terje Høyland + 47 47279194 /

Yasja goes Couragous in Kristiansand


Courageous is her identity and her main theme. She get her Norwegian breakthrough this week when her mega piece in Kristiansand is finished. Here is her stories and her projects:




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Nafir i Sandnes

Iran based Nafir has become a friend. Finally we managed to find some days together. And what a blast to have him in our house and see him work out a mega piece outside our house. The result became a 17 meters piece on the question of Hijab. For some a Freedom fight for other a cloth of honor. It depends in what direction you read:

Helge becomes 10x20m big in Stavanger

Attende, is one of the businesses of Stavanger that is good in including all kinds of people with all kinds of backrounds in the work place. One of their workers will now figure on a 10x20m wall at Kannik. According to the artist its Helge Røysland that has been the model of the painting. From 18th October he will become a motivation of many more when the artist Smug/Sam Bates is portaiting him at a 10x20m big wall. The Glasgow based artist works with Nuart in lifting awarness about an including work filosophy. «Valuable work for all», is the name of the project.

The artist is know for his realistic portraits of people, panting with free hand spray can. I visiting him sunday at work at the school of Kannik area in Stavanger. The famous weather in the city has caused some delays, but with todays sunny weather its a great chance that he finish before the opening wednesday at 12 o’clock. The mayor of Stavanger and Helge himself were at the opening and Nuart is writing on the event page that they hope to lift up the important work of business like Attende.

Here is a in the making video of todays visit:

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Lets take back our city (video)

The suburb of Oslo, called Tøyen has for many years been seen as a eastern suburd with classical problems. The negative talking often cones from the mouth of people not living there, just like this weeks scandalous photo project from far right organisation Human Right Service. They posted a photo of muslim womans at a bus stop as a prove of islam taking over Norway. I just had to go and take a look and I took this picture form the same bus stop: (more text under the photo)

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A lady in an empty shop in Stavanger

Im walking down town Stavanger this afternoon and passing a normally empty shop in Breigata. But now its full of art and its catching my eye as interesting. Im entering and in a corner, a woman sits with her computer. I see her, thinks that someone has to look after the place. I say hello! All over the place their is cloths and art. Its a pop up of art. The lady ask me if she can show me around. Since Im curious I say yes please. Its in this moment I see the signature of the art and understands that Im standing their with the owner of the signature, Pia Myrvold.

Ok, I know! She is not street art! But Pia Myrvold is so extravagant that its possible to write about her her at purposestreeart! Pia is from Stavanger and is so famous outside Norway. I have been visting her exposition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. She has had her exposition in Berlin, Roma, Shanghai, New York, San Fransico etc. Her atelier is in Belleville, Paris close to the booming St. Martin in eastern Paris. Then you can understand how hilrious this story is!

And we talked for around 45 minutes. Shared our wiew of creativity, building multicultural society, combinding art forms to creat new ones and saved the world two three times. But hello Stavanger. In Breigata you have one of the countries greates artist, but not long. Saturday its over for this time and you have to visit some of the world biggest cities to see her art.

And she let me see her art with VR glasses. That was amazing walking into the art. I will not be surprised if the next international exposition from Pia will push limits within and with this new technology! And by the way never limited people out of your first impression…….

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Norwegian prime minister and Kobra paint street art in Sandefjord

Brasilian street art artist Kobra finsished this month a new mega piece in Norwegian town of Sandefjord. A friend of mine Håkon sent me theese great photos of the new art. The page give some great insights in the background of this new master piece. Kobra's first art in Skandinavia was i Boråas in Sweden where he paited Alfed Nobel. According to his facebook page he left Norway to start a new work in Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. The most famous so far is in Brazil. 15 m x 170 m big paiting called «Etnias» was made to the opening of Olympic Games in Rio.

The Sandefjord painting is a part of "Art for All" where 6 international artist together with youth from diffrents ethnique background in the city work together. The prime minister Erna Solberg opened the project by paitning the firste part of Kobra's paiting, according to NRK

Here is some of the tresor that Håkon found in Sandefjord. Starting with Kobra.

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