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El Nino de las Pinturas- Grenada, Spain

El Niño de las Pinturas is born i Grenada, south Spain. His real name is said to be Raúl Ruiz and he lives in the heart of the city that still keep a lot of his paintings. He has painted more than 2000 murals around (map) the World and here is some of the paintings that we found when walking through the street of Grenada:

Some are found inside the shops:

In the city of Picasso

Malaga gave birth to Picasso. How is his “out of the box” art influencing the art scene of today? In a city with high level of old, beautiful facades, how much space is given to street art. A lit! Here is some of the street art in Malaga:


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Street art in Kep sur Mer, Cambodia

Im in Southern Cambodia and working in a coastal small town that once where the beauty of French Indochina. The French built up a summer vacation destination like Deauville and Trouville. In 1953 the French withdrew and into the 1970th the nightmare started for the blooming Cambodia. Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge destroyed every kind of value in their search for a communist paradis where all were suppose to be equal.

Kep sur Mer stands still as a sad monument of abandonment. But if you go hunting among the broken buildings you find street art:

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