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 Greatness or rubbish?

Tags, grafiti and streetart. While street art is more often liked and loved, the two first are still misunderstood or disliked.

Personnaly I didnt see any greatness in tags before I went to guided tour in Belleville, Paris. What I learned was that many great artist started with tags, moved into grafiti and streetart after times of working their technincs and their signature. The signature is said to be important in the street art underground world. You need to fine your own signature and your own way of doing it.  Here is some of my latest findings in Sandes, Norway and in Bangkok, Thailand:

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Bangkok-Song Wat road

In 2016 the first street art festival gave several great street art to the city of light. The gives a good map that is if you click enough times connected to google map and makes it possible to find the art.

I manage to find most of them. The duck in the dock is not easy to get a glimse of but we met a very nice guard of the dock that let us take a quick picture: (more text and picture below)

Made by Nychos. If not from inside the dock you can see it from Saphan Taksin bridge or by boat.

In Song Wat road from the Saphan Taksin bridge and the BTS station and up north you find at least 15 different street art. Here is some of them:  Continue reading Bangkok-Song Wat road