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Nafir i Sandnes

Iran based Nafir has become a friend. Finally we managed to find some days together. And what a blast to have him in our house and see him work out a mega piece outside our house. The result became a 17 meters piece on the question of Hijab. For some a Freedom fight for other a cloth of honor. It depends in what direction you read:


Brand new street art in Sandnes

The First Year students of Art Design and Architechure at Vågen in Sandnes got the chance to do a NuArt project in the heart of the city. This is the latest street art in Sandnes. Enjoy exclusiv pictures from the making and the final result:

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New street art in Sandnes? 

Im quit new in this, but this one I havent notice before. Close to the city hall of Sandnes I found this close to kiwi grocery shop. During the day information have come that its not new at all, but is made in the times of the disparation of Madeleine McCann.  Maybe 8-9 years ago. Ha ha I have only lived in this city since 2004! 

 Greatness or rubbish?

Tags, grafiti and streetart. While street art is more often liked and loved, the two first are still misunderstood or disliked.

Personnaly I didnt see any greatness in tags before I went to guided tour in Belleville, Paris. What I learned was that many great artist started with tags, moved into grafiti and streetart after times of working their technincs and their signature. The signature is said to be important in the street art underground world. You need to fine your own signature and your own way of doing it.  Here is some of my latest findings in Sandes, Norway and in Bangkok, Thailand:

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Fading art?

Street art is not always wanted. Ignorance and different taste of beauty and art will now and then ruin street art

While the most known artists are selling their art in the gallery for thousands, the local artist is often attacked or not respected. We love to see street art at our travels around the world, but not so eager to see it on our owns walls. 

Here is one that soon will be lost when old mill house is changed into new appartements in Sandnes

Nyttårsgave? Men hva betyr det? 

Denne street art bloggen har både fått navn og blitt til etter at vi fikk en nyttårsgave. Da vi kom tilbake fra ferie var en ny street art installasjonen kommet opp i gata her i Sandnes. Vi har meldt muren inn til Nu Art, men det er nok ikke grunnen til at artisten som kaller seg P’Pose har skapt kunsten. Så enkelt, men så dypt. Se selv og bli med i diskusjonen om hva artisten kan ha ment. Her i huset går ihvertfall diskusjonen høylytt: (teksten fortsetter under bildet)

Du kan se installasjonen selv i Lunden Sandnes, nær Skeiane Ungdomsskole, mellom nr. 51 og 53 i gata

Teksten sier: “Å feie er ikke nok” og ut av veggen står en feiekost! Kosten har fargene blå,rød og hvit. Signaturen P’Pose tolket vi som Purpose og startet som du nå leser.