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Nafir- street art to the price of his life? 

When I talk with the iranian artist I see someone eager to build a good society. Not only in his city of Téhéran and in his beautiful Iran, but also the world. He is not afraid to critisize the western world and their responsibility in the syrian crises, and he continue to point out how his own society can developpe in a meaningful way!

Him self say that his around 500 piece of art in his capital are as soon as possible painted over or removed. With danger of his own life he continues to give the population a uncensored view on the daily life of the city.

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Nafir, iranian street art

In Stavanger, Norway there is at least one street art work by Nafir. Today I came over one of his work in an art shop in town! Its impressive knowing that 500 of his works back home has been painted over. The Tehran based artist is risking more than many other illigal artist, but is still continu to bless the world with his art. Wow!  Recently he has focused on the consequences of the Syrian war. That is PurposeStreetArt! 

Today I came over nr. 1 of limited serie of 4 works. In his facebook page he publish this before sending it out of Iran:

This work he painted for NuArt Stavanger:

Send me your street art 

A friend of my discouvered a street art in Dubai and sent it to me. That is honoured by a new menu “Dubai” and an invitation to you to send me your finding around he world. Feel free to use this adress

Dubai host works from some of the greatest street art artists. The dubai walls is one of the exciting project that you can find here. Their web site makes you get to know a broader part of their works. One of them is Etam Cru that also has one of his works in Stavanger. 

Here is what Hakon found: 

According to B-Change is this  The Golden Eagle by Qui Xinghua. 

Same web site gives you this street art walk while in Dubai: (just remembe rto send me your catches)

Stavanger Geo park

The city of Stavanger has opened a training area for street. The geo park is a play ground close to the fjord and oil museum in Stavanger. New talents can try out their ideas and train their akills of grafiti, tags and street art. Most of the works change montly, while some is so far protected by an inner justice of the street art undergrounds artists. Most wednesdays their is schooling going on if you like to learn the princips of strret art.

Here is what we found on a saturday in january:

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Street art bus in Stavanger

Stavanger, Norway starts to become the street art capital. Driven by the nu art festival that adds more and more art to the public area. The local bus company agreed on letting some of their buses wear street art. Today this bus rolled by: 

There is in total 8 buses out. Here is nu art bulletin about the series

Streetart news publised this when the first 4 were ready to hit the roads of Stavanger

Map over street art in Stavanger

Stavanger is becoming one of the most important street art cities in Norway and are growing into neighbour city Sandnes . Here you find a practical map to some of the treasures: Map you around Stavanger

Nu Art festivalen har satt Stavanger på Europakartet for street art. Selv har de satt mange av street art skattene på et praktisk kart. Det spesielle med kunstverkene som kommer ut fra Nu Art er at de er laget i full lovlighet. Det gjør samlingen som vokser frem i Stavanger unik. Her finner du kartet!
Her er noen av det du kan finne:


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