A lady in an empty shop in Stavanger

Im walking down town Stavanger this afternoon and passing a normally empty shop in Breigata. But now its full of art and its catching my eye as interesting. Im entering and in a corner, a woman sits with her computer. I see her, thinks that someone has to look after the place. I say hello! All over the place their is cloths and art. Its a pop up of art. The lady ask me if she can show me around. Since Im curious I say yes please. Its in this moment I see the signature of the art and understands that Im standing their with the owner of the signature, Pia Myrvold.

Ok, I know! She is not street art! But Pia Myrvold is so extravagant that its possible to write about her her at purposestreeart! Pia is from Stavanger and is so famous outside Norway. I have been visting her exposition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. She has had her exposition in Berlin, Roma, Shanghai, New York, San Fransico etc. Her atelier is in Belleville, Paris close to the booming St. Martin in eastern Paris. Then you can understand how hilrious this story is!

And we talked for around 45 minutes. Shared our wiew of creativity, building multicultural society, combinding art forms to creat new ones and saved the world two three times. But hello Stavanger. In Breigata you have one of the countries greates artist, but not long. Saturday its over for this time and you have to visit some of the world biggest cities to see her art.

And she let me see her art with VR glasses. That was amazing walking into the art. I will not be surprised if the next international exposition from Pia will push limits within and with this new technology! And by the way never limited people out of your first impression…….

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You can smell Nuart 17 coming to town

You can almost smell it. Nuart 17 is xlose to start. If you walk downdown Stavanger you discouver new art. Yesterday this happen when artist Amppartio climd the wall of the harbour:

Around the corner something is going on. Maybe more will happen tonight?

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Norwegian prime minister and Kobra paint street art in Sandefjord

Brasilian street art artist Kobra finsished this month a new mega piece in Norwegian town of Sandefjord. A friend of mine Håkon sent me theese great photos of the new art. The page heiabrasil.no give some great insights in the background of this new master piece. Kobra's first art in Skandinavia was i Boråas in Sweden where he paited Alfed Nobel. According to his facebook page he left Norway to start a new work in Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. The most famous so far is in Brazil. 15 m x 170 m big paiting called «Etnias» was made to the opening of Olympic Games in Rio.

The Sandefjord painting is a part of "Art for All" where 6 international artist together with youth from diffrents ethnique background in the city work together. The prime minister Erna Solberg opened the project by paitning the firste part of Kobra's paiting, according to NRK

Here is some of the tresor that Håkon found in Sandefjord. Starting with Kobra.

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No street art in Mandal?

The city that have given birth to the great artist as Gustav Vigeland, Adolph Tidemand, Emanuel Vigeland, Amaldus Nielsen og Olaf Isachsen. Newspaper Klassekampen calles the city "the tiny city with huge artist" some years ago. Younger artist is coming, such as Yvonne Hetlevik, Susanne Quist og Janne Christensen that is in charge of this summer exposition at the citys museum. But why almost no street art? Continue reading No street art in Mandal?

Bilbao, northern spain! 

The city woke up to becoming an extravagant art city when Frank Gehry got the right to create Guggenheim Museum in his own image. The man is crazy, but even better he do what he dreams. Together with street art tours, always check out if there is a Gehry house close to where you are wisiting. In Bilbao area the winery Marques de Riscal is also worth your visit!

There is also street art in the city. Some brand new, some political, some very famous. Enjoy:

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Street art Bryne

Just a glimpse. The two artist Pøbel and Ethos huge works is found in the center of the small city. 

Claudio Ethos is Brazilian and reported working out from Sao Paolo. He started spraypaiting art at the age of 15.    

“Pøbel (East Norwegian pronunciation: [pœːbeːɭ], meaning hooligan) is a pseudonymous Norwegian street artist based in Stavanger. He is best known for the Getto spedalsk (Ghetto leperous) project, decorating abandoned buildings in at the Lofoten islands” (Accordining to Wikipedia). The rock playing farmer is found on a house related to the farmers cooperation. 

When you arrive Bryne south of Sandnes, you cant miss it:

In the neigbouring village of Klepp you will if you have a flying capacity see the world largest outdoor art work. See video here! 

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